Getting To Know… Sarah Mullanix

31 Jul

Let’s get to know Sarah.

Check out her BLOG here.

1. How long have you been scrapbooking/crafting?

I have been scrapbooking/crafting for almost 14 years,

since my oldest child was born.

1. How would you define your style?

My style is definitely whimsical with an added touchof elegance,

or I least that’s what I think.

1. Describe your family.

My immediate family is busy, yet we’re all pretty laid back.

My husband is the talker in the family along with my sporty

and fun loving 13 year old daughter, Becca.

Emily is 10 years old and pretty crafty and quiet, just like her mom.

Carter, the baby of the family now 20 months old,

is very very active and definitely all boy.

We enjoy spending time outside and just about anything that we can do as a family.

1. What is your favorite holiday?

Halloween is definitely my favorite holiday.

I think it’s because I get to be artistic with the kids costumes,

and let’s face it, there are always great photo opportunities.

1. Tell us a unique fact about yourself.

I am just as good at math as I am art,

which is usually an uncommon combo since they use different sides of the brain.

1. Do you have other hobbies besides scrapbooking?

I enjoy playing around with decorating my home and also

a bit of flower gardening in the spring and summer.

1. What is your favorite Momenta collection?

I love the butterfly line (Flutter) , the flowers, and the one

with the cute birds, also the tropical beach line.

Now you knew I couldn’t pick just one!

1. What inspires you to create?

Oh my goodness, so many things.

I see patterns and ideas in everything such as clothing, fabric,

ads in magazines, home decor, just about anything and everything.

1. What is your favorite technique?

My absolute favorite technique that I use on almost every project is feux stitching.

I get frustrated having to drag out my machine and change the thread to

stitch different colors so years ago so I came up with a faux stitching technique t

hat works best for me and now I can have stitching in any color, shape, or size.

1. Share your favorite quote.

Oh my, I think my favorite quote is actually as song lyric…

“I’ve never seen a hearse with a luggage rack.”

I love that one!


One Response to “Getting To Know… Sarah Mullanix”

  1. Rachael Giallongo August 7, 2010 at 12:09 am #

    So glad to get to know you better, Sarah! 🙂

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