Getting to know Susan Dupre

14 Aug

Name: Susan Dupre


1. How long have you been scrapbooking/crafting?

I started scrapping in March/April 2007.

2. How would you define your style?

My style is anything and everything!!  I love it all!

3. Describe your family.

We are crazy!  We love to kid around and have fun.

My six year old son is already warped!

4. What is your favorite holiday?

I love Thanksgiving and Christmas.

I have so much fun getting the families together.

5. Tell us a unique fact about yourself.

I sang to my husband at our wedding.

Almost everyone cried – including my hubby.

(I must have really been bad!)

6. Do you have other hobbies besides scrapbooking?

Shopping! I’m great at it, lol.  I love to read as well.

7. What is your favorite Momenta collection?

The Flutter line!

8. What inspires you to create?

I am constantly inspired by all the tremendous talent out there.

9. What is your favorite technique?

I don’t really have one.

I really like them all, and I am always trying to push myself to try new ones.

10. Share your favorite quote.

“Well behaved women rarely make history”


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