17 Aug

Hi everyone!

Now that the summer is winding down most of us have a huge assortment of beach or pool photo’s.

It gets a little tedious to just keep doing layouts

so what I do every year is make a super cute flip flop album.

Flip Flops are super cheap, especially at the end of the summer.

I used the beach theme page kit for this altered album.

The kit makes it so much easier to be creative.

Everything you need is right in the kit.

The kit contains beach themed papers, stickers, & embellishments .

I also used Momenta chipboard alphas for the front of the album.

The only non-Momenta item I used was a huge assortment of ribbon.

Your ribbon choices is what makes the album stand out.

Make sure you use an assortment of bright colors!

This album can be a little challenging for beginners but well worth it in the end.

The finished product will look great on a shelf in your family room or living room.

Thanks for letting me share!

Good luck with your albums!



1. Start with the left foot flip flop. That is the cover to your album. Using your brad setter, poke two holes on the left side of the flip flop to use as the binding for your album.

2. The right foot flip flop will be your back cover. Using your scissors, cut off the rubber toe strap and completely remove it.

3. Flip right flip flop over so it lines up perfectly with the cover.

4. Place your flip flops on top of each other to form the album. Using your pen mark the spot for your binding hole so they line up with the holes from the top flip flop. Then use your brad setter & cut holes.

5. You will need to use card stock to support your pages. Take your top flip flop (the left foot) and trace it onto your card stock. You will want to trace for as many pages you want to make.

6. Using the same flip flop, trace onto your designer paper & cut out. Cut it slightly thinner than the outline so some of the cardstock will show.

7. Using your adhesive, adhere your designer paper to the card stock.

8. Now ink the edges of your flip flop pages with black ink.

9. Grab the bottom flip flop (right foot). Flip it over so it now looks like the left foot & all the tread is facing you. Line up one of your card stock cutouts and mark the holes. Use your brad setter & cut the holes. then adhere to the flip flop. **I recommend using a crafters glue. A stronger glue will work better.**

10. Line up your pages & mark where your holes should be for the binding. then punch holes.

11. Decorate your pages using your summer photos & the embellishments from the Momenta Beach Kit. Do any kind of journaling on the blank card stock on the other side.

12. Using Alpha stickers put your title on the top flip flop & decorate with buttons, brads & stickers. Glue dots are the best adhesive for the buttons.

13. Decorate the rubber strap with an assortment of ribbon.

14. To put your book together you will need to feed your ribbon through all of the holes that you punched earlier. You may need to use tweezers to help feed it through. make sure you leave enough slack so you can open the album & turn pages.

Jessica Sutton



  1. Kathy Lapanne August 17, 2010 at 9:19 pm #

    I think this is so cute….flip flops are the in thing, and to turn it into a scrapbook is a fun memory keeper.

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