How to make an Accordion Flower

8 Sep

Designer Sarah has this great tutorial to share with you guys…

This creates a 1 3/4″ inch flower.

The wider the flower, the longer the paper strips will need to be.

1. cut 2 strips of paper to 3/4″x4 1/2″

2. fold each strip like a accordian

3. adhere both strips together into one long strip

4. bend and curve the long strip so that you can adhere the two ends

5. adhere the flower to a paper circle so that it holds its shape and ad a center

Thanks for sharing this fabulous trick.



2 Responses to “How to make an Accordion Flower”

  1. Sherri Thompson September 10, 2010 at 11:48 pm #

    I love the star you added to the middle-it makes these little “flowers” versatile enough even for boy projects! Great job, Sarah!

  2. Rachael Giallongo September 15, 2010 at 9:00 pm #

    LOVE this awesome flower! Great tutorial!

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